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The Padmini Haveli is located inside the old village on top of the fort. You can reach it after driving through the 7 defensive gates of the Chittorgarh Fort.

A traditional Rajasthani merchant’s house, the Padmini Haveli is built on two stories around a central courtyard surrounded by an atrium that provides welcome shade at the hottest hours of the day. In the early morning or evening, guests can enjoy watching the sunrise or the sunset from the roof terrace whilst they are fanned by the welcome breeze.

The Library, on the eastern side of the house, offers a refuge to read a book, use the internet or share stories with fellow travelers.

The Padmini Haveli Guesthouse is the one and only accommodation for tourists in the Fort and previously it was not possible to stay anywhere here. It provides a unique opportunity to experience life in a small Rajasthani village. You might wake up to the sound of the temple bell nearby, be accompanied on your morning walk by the children going to school or get a friendly invitation to enjoy a glass of masala chai (spiced tea) from a villager.


It took us two years to refurbish this beautiful old Haveli. Carpenters, masons, stone-cutters, electricians, painters and craftsmen, all live in the village. Similarly, the stones we used for the bathrooms and the ground come from Chittorgarh, and some weigh more than 200kg! Basins were all dug by the stone-cutters... The doors were all made by the carpenter of the village, in pure Rajastahani way.

We really hope you will appreciate all this work and help us to keep it beautiful.

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